Rush Hour Series Passed On T.I. As Lead Because He Was Too Urban

rush hour

As the Rush Hour series on CBS pushes forward with Justin Hires and John Foo we learn that rapper T.I.’s involvement on the project was close to happening. Earlier this morning while on The Breakfast Club, T.I. confirmed news that he was up to play as a lead in the series. According to T.I., the studio passed on him to play Tucker’s former role because they felt he was too urban.

“I was suppose to be (in the television series)… but they said I was a liability… actually they said I was too urban….,” T.I. explained.

Continuing the conversation, host Charlamagne The God pointed out that Chris Tucker can be considered urban as well. In response T.I. went on to further say, “See (Tucker) was for a movie, we’re talking about a television series. Which I think I would have kilt it. But congratulations to the guy who got it because that’s a great opportunity for him.”

Check out the recent trailer of the upcoming series with Justin and John, set to be released later next year.

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