Rush Hour’s Justin Hires Says He’s Not Doing A Chris Tucker Impression On New Series, Talks To 85 South Show

For stand-up comedian Justin Hires when he got word that he will be help bring popular franchise Rush Hour to TV with CBS, it was a surreal moment for the now Los Angeles based artist. Rush Hour became a hit film series with stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. So now with another push at the brand which helped pushed Tucker’s career into new heights, Justin now steps in looking to do the same for his career. As a guest on a new episode of The 85 South Show, Hires explains getting the opportunity for the show and how he looks to make the role perfected by Tucker his own.

I assume everybody listening to this is grew up on Chris Tucker. I think it’s important for everybody to know that I’m not doing a Chris Tucker impersonation on the show. I don’t think anyone wants to see that, he already did Chris Tucker. He did it brilliantly… I think when people watch the show they will see this isn’t Chris but we respect what he’s doing. He’s branded himself to this role.

In the interview, Justin was also joined by comedian Justin Mitchell, who has seen every aspect of hires career; at one point even shares of a time Hires slept on his floor. Alabama’s comedian Steve Brown also joined the conversation with the show’s host Karlous Miller. You can hear the full interview below. The first episode of CBS’s Rush Hour series set to premiere March 31st at 10PM.

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