Russell Peters Accuses Trevor Noah Of Being A ‘Joke Thief’

Ever since it was announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah was to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show things keep coming up. Last week a few were upset after a series of old Tweets resurfaced from Noah, and now Russell Peters has publicly accused Trevor of stealing material. In a recent interview with with Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia, Peters shared his thoughts on The Daily Show job which he goes on to say Noah allegedly has stolen jokes from him.

Where’s the love?

  1. damn

  2. Sorry but his accusation rings REALLY hollow when you consider how much he’s stolen from Eddie Murphy over the years. And he also doesn’t name what jokes Noah is supposed to have stolen.

  3. noah is a hack. peters is a hack too, but at least he writes his own hack material. noah is the kind of hack who rips off another hack. the worst kind.

  4. How’s Russell a hack?

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