Samuel Jackson Confirms That Dave Chappelle’s Skit About Prince Was True

dave chappelle prince

Legendary singer Prince’s passing has went by but people are still surfacing with stories surrounding his death. The most recent person to have a story involving Prince is famed actor Samuel L. Jackson. In a Instagram picture (above), Samuel shared a picture of him with Prince and went on to say that Prince himself confirmed the story about him playing basketball against Charlie Murphy, which was later popularized on The Chappelle Show.

The legacy of the late Prince will always revolve around his iconic musical career. However, thanks to Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy, he will always also be connected to the sport of basketball. In case you don’t recall, in a particularly memorable sketch from Chappelle’s Show, Charlie Murphy regaled the viewership with a tale of Murphy and his compadres taking on Prince and his crew in a game of basketball, and Prince dominated the game. Also, he served them pancakes. Of course, that story seemed too good to be true, but, if Samuel L. Jackson is to be believed, we can keep on believing in the powers of Prince…Anyway, more importantly, Jackson says that Prince confirmed Charlie Murphy’s basketball story, adding the quote, “They had on Church Shoes!” So there you have it. If we can’t trust Samuel L. Jackson, who can we trust? Prince was great at basketball. Case closed.


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