Sasheer Zamata Opens Up About Her SNL Exit: “I’m Actually Glad It Happened..”

Former SNL feature Sasheer Zamata is now ready to discuss her exit from the iconic sketch comedy series in 2017. Zamata who would join the show as one of the few black women on the show, looks to have a decent run. According to her latest comments, the comedian is happy for the experience and also happy she left.

“I’m actually glad it happened, and the way it happened,” Zamata told New York contributing editor Lisa Miller about her time on SNL. “I feel like I left being a better performer, a better writer, a better communicator, a better team-worker.” Still, the comedian, who has been doing pilots and working on movie scripts over the last year, said her choice to leave was ultimately about the work and how it made her feel. “It was not what I thought it was going to be, and I don’t think anyone really thinks it’s going to be that way because it’s not like any other job,” Zamata said. “So it was a couple years of figuring out, ‘Am I OK with this?’ Do I want to just accept it as is and be like, ‘That’s just a job and I guess I’ll just stay and take it like everybody else?’ Or do I want to try something else that makes me feel really good and work with people who excite me and who are excited about me and want to create things that make us feel fulfilled?”


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