Sasheer Zamata Says She Got Dismissed By Rihanna At SNL 40th Finale

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Two weekends ago SNL closed out it’s 40th season in NYC. Louis C.K. and singer Rihanna helped host the final episode. Sasheer Zamata who has impersonated Rihanna on the show, finally got the chance to meet the singer but it turns out things weren’t so pleasant. In a recent live conversation at Union Hall in Brooklyn, N.Y. for Brunch Night With Jamie LeeLo series, Sasheer retold her encounter with Rihanna. She went on to explain how things started well but when the curtains closed things went in a different direction.

Though she admitted to being nervous at first, Zamata said that her first interaction with Rihanna was positive. “We had had a good night after the dress rehearsal, and she turned around and saw me and she was like ‘Hey!’ and she gave me a hug,” the comedienne recalled. But things didn’t stay happy go lucky for long. “Then she got drunker progressively throughout the show, and at the end of good nights for the actual show, I went up to give her a hug because I was like ‘We’re good, we’re besties now,'” Zamata said, laughing. “And I was like ‘Hey!’ and she was like [mimes bored wave]. So I was like ‘Ohhh, wow your true feelings are coming out!'”

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Rihanna has yet to comment on their meeting. Just jokes?

  1. Rihanna Navy!! baby says:

    i don’t believe her!!

  2. PepperBrooks Lopez says:

    I can see that happening…

  3. WHAT??? Sounds like kind of a NON-story.

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