Sequel To ‘Girls Trip’ Reportedly Stalled

Last year, Regina Hall shared news that a sequel to the hit comedy film Girls Trip will be moving forward. Since Hall’s reveal there hasn’t been much talk of the potential film. Well several nights ago Haddish would end up speaking about the awaited sequel and it doesn’t appear that there is a solid confirmation of the project actually happening. According to Page Six , a source close to ‘Girls Trip’ says “no film is currently in development.”

When an audience member shouted out a question about an anticipated sequel, Haddish responded, “I wish there was, I hope there is. I have been petitioning for it.” Haddish then dished, “I’ve even written a script for it. Me and the girls punched it up and made it good. They don’t want it. We understood how much money could be made, and they don’t want to pay it. So I doubt it.” She then joked, “So we’re just going to make our own movie — called ‘Is She on the Trip?’ Ooooh.” Quick-thinking Haddish then also asked the well-heeled guest who asked the question at the fancy gala, “Are you gonna invest in it?”…A source close to “Girls Trip” studio Universal told us, “There was no script submitted for a ‘Girls Trip’ sequel and no film is currently in development.” A rep for Haddish told us her comments were all a gag (although no one in the room seemed to get that it was a joke). “She was totally joking,” said the spokesperson. “While she would love to make that movie one day, she has not written or participated in writing any script, so there was nothing for the studio to pass on. I can’t stress enough that she was kidding.”

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