Shaq Returns For His Annual All-Star Comedy Search


Yep Shaq is back at it. He and the Shaq All-Star comedy franchise is set to return for another comedy competition starting mid-September, where the winner will feature on a taping of a Shaq All-Star Comedy special.  For the upcoming event,  past winner Robert Powell will step in as host during the competition which is set to be held at two locations in Texas. The first dates lined up will be September 11th -14th at The Arlington Improv, followed by September 25-27th at Houston’s Main Street Lounge.  The competition will move forward to the 28th back at The Main Street Lounge, where 40 of the remaining comedians will take to the stage to become Shaq’s Next All- Star in the Semi-Finals. The competition has been known to introduce some of comedy’s newest names over the years.

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