Shaq All-Star Comedy Jam Eyeing Movie Based On It’s All-Star Weekend Event


Every year Shaq All-Star Comedy Jam holds it’s biggest event during NBA All-Star weekend. The set of dates brings out a line-up of the top comedians as well as celebrities who stop by to enjoy the series of shows. With all that takes place during their weekend festivities, why not turn it into a film? Well according to The Humor Mill that may soon be happening. Unlike previous films from the tour, this newest project will not just be about stand-up but the All-Star weekend itself.

We hear that there is a new film about the Shaq All Star Comedy Jam Weekend on the horizon! This film is NOT going to be a stand up feature as you might expect but a film that will be a scripted film- with lots of stand up comedy BUT with stars similar to the Hangover film. The film makers are currently scouting comedy clubs as a writer and director are trying to hammer out the story line that will revolve around Shaq All Star Comedy Jam weekend.

Currently the tour has been making stops across the country for their Shaq’s Next All-Star competition, as they plan to add a new member. For those who will be in Los Angeles, the finals of the competition will be taking place March 19th at Inside Jokes.

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