Sinbad Reacts To Bill Cosby Verdict: “I Don’t Believe In Pulling The Show”

In response to Bill Cosby’s guilty verdict, veteran comedian Sinbad has now spoken out on the matter. During an interview with Windy City Live, Sinbad would touch on Cosby’s verdict by stating strongly that he was against ‘The Cosby Show’ being pulled off the air. “I don’t believe in pulling the show….if you’re going to do this, you have to do it across the board..,” he would tell the show’s host. As mentioned, The Cosby Show reruns were recently removed from TV and most recently from Bounce TV.

Sinbad would further conclude by sharing his thoughts on Cosby’s guilty verdict. “I’m weeping and crying for him,” he would go on to state. Sinbad currently on the cast of Lil Rel’s REL pilot on FOX.

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