Black Jesus’s Slink Johnson Shares How Aaron McGruder Supported Early And Talks Venturing Into Stand-Up

slink johnson

As comedy series Black Jesus gets ready for it’s return to Adult Swim, star of the show Slink Johnson recently stopped by The Nika Simone Show and shared a few updates. As he discussed the show’s early beginnings, Johnson went on to credit writer/creator Aaron McGruder for early support before the series took to air.

“Adult Swim took a liking to it (Black Jesus) early, but it just took a while, the wheels of Hollywood don’t ever turn to fast. Aaron, thank god for that dude, he stayed persistent, he stayed on me. He would always tell me, its coming, just stay down. Aaron McGruder is the Puffy to my Biggie. In a sense that in the (Biggie) movie, Biggie was hustling, went to jail, and when he gout out Puff was like you got hold on, you want this money [bread], you got to be cool. Thats the same thing that happened to me,” Johnson explained

Later as they wrapped up the interview, Johnson who also does stand-up comedy, shared how he first ventured into stand-up.

“When I first did stand-up I was at a low point in my life, I was at the crossroads… I went to the J Spot Comedy Club one night and poured my emotions out on stage. My first night doing stand-up I actually did well. As soon as I was done I knew I was on to something. I’ve always felt I was a funny person but translating that into stand-up comedy is a different beast.”

According to Slink the newest season of Black Jesus, looks to have everyone on the cast return, including better story lines. You can listen to the full interview here with The Nika Simone Show.

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