Sommore Not Interested In The Ice Bucket Challenge: I Tell Jokes But I’m No Clown


A new viral challenge has been spreading online called the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. In the challenge a person is instructed to pour a bucket of freezing ice water over their head in which they go on to challenge others to do the same. The driving reason why many known celebrities and comedians such as Cedric The Entertainer, and Kevin Hart have been participating in the challenge comes from its connection to bringing awareness to ALS. Well Sommore doesn’t seem to excited about the challenge and those participating in it. On a post on her instagram page she made it clear that she will not be pouring a bucket of ice water on her head. Check out what she wrote.

I understand that some of these are to raise awareness and money but skip me with the wetness. I will make a donation, I tell jokes but I’m no clown. Imj…. Carry on. – Sommore

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