Sommore Not Interested In Online Comedy: “I’m Not A Silly Comedian”

Photo: Instagram/Sommore

During a stop in Las Vegas for a few shows, Sommore talked with Las Vegas’s Review Journal and gave more of her take of the online comedy community. For her talk, she explains the overall reason why she doesn’t release any comedy content on the internet.

People ask all the time, ‘Why don’t you do videos and stuff?’ ‘Naaah. I’m good,’” she says. “If I want to keep my value as a standup comedian, I don’t want to do videos on YouTube. I want people to come and see my perspective on things,” she said. “I value a live performance.” Stand-ups are also dealing with people’s confused ideas of contemporary comedy, which is this: People who go to comedy shows sometimes expect to see the kind of silly, goofball comedy dominating American comedy, a trend that began with “Napoleon Dynamite” and continues with wacky people who perform only online. “There are comedians now that are just Internet comedians. They do skits,” Sommore says. “It’s very clownish. It’s very buffoonery. And that’s cool, because it has its place. “But people sometimes forget that comedians don’t have to be clowns. It’s our job to provoke thought,” Sommore says. “I’m not a silly comedian. I don’t want people laughing at me. I want people laughing with me.

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