Sorry Folks, A Lando Calrissian ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff With Donald Glover Isn’t Happening, For Now

Photo: AFP

Talks have been spreading that the Star Wars franchise’s next move would include Donald Glover’s role as Lando Calrissian. According to critics who already watched the soon to be released ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ film, Glover steals the film. In a recent talk in Cannes, Lucasfilm studio chief Kathleen Kennedy was quoted telling an outlet,  “that the next spin-off will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian”. Following the report, many would go on to spread the word that Glover was coming back with his own Star Wars film in which we have now discovered that those talks were inaccurate. Huffington Post would go on to point out that Lucasfilm has issued a statement regarding the comment and go on to suggest that a Lando movie wouldn’t happen right now. But never say, never.

Talk that Glover-as-Lando’s journey might continue was stirred on Wednesday, when French publication Premiere reported that Lucasfilm studio chief Kathleen Kennedy said Lando will get a spin-off. “We think that the next spin-off will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian,” Premiere quoted Kennedy as saying. “Of course, there are still many stories to tell about Han and Chewbacca, but Lando will be next.” The publication later adjusted its article with the note: “Lucasfilm informs us that there would have been a misunderstanding between our journalist and Kathleen Kennedy.” Her comment should have read, “We would love to tell a story about Lando Calrissian one day, but it’s not relevant,” Premiere wrote.