Spoken Reasons Calls Out All Def Digital: “Don’t Play Games With Me”

spoken reasons

Back in 2013 Spoken Reasons showed the power of the internet for comedy creators. By consistently uploading his humorous yet thought provoking content, Spoken quickly became one of the hottest online personalities that year. His popularity was so much in demand, that Russell Simmons recruited him for Simmon’s current All Def Digital network. For many, Spoken is considered All Def Digital’s LL Cool J, by being the networks first major artist to sign with them. Since then things appeared to be going well as Spoken and All Def Digital have put out a collection of content together that we’ve even featured several times. Well now it seems that Spoken’s relationship with the brand has hit a turning point. Earlier today, Spoken took to his Twitter for a series of tweets directed at All Def Digital. Judging from his rant the issue seemed to be sparked from a payment he didn’t receive from the network. In the series of Tweets, he warns other creators to be careful about signing deals, and other frustrations. Check out what he had to say below.

spoken reasons
TWITTER spoken

Despite recent TV appearances, Reasons still has continued to put out content for fans on his YouTube channel.

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