Spotlight: Sam Jay Wants Her Comedy To Share Her Story

This past July, comedian Sam Jay out of Boston, would release her first ever comedy album, ‘Donna’s Daughter’. The project, which was released on Comedy Central Records is a milestone for the stand-up comedian we first ran across back in 2013. Since then, Sam’s hard work has paid off as she recently was featured on Netflix’s ‘Comedy Lineup’ series. Not only has she become a respected comedian amongst her peers but she also now carries ‘SNL writer’ in her credits. Comedy Hype’s Corey Allen Tate would have a brief chat with the comedian to get a better feel of where her comedy comes from. Jay would express that she looks to connect with everyone through her jokes but is mainly hoping that her comedy tells her story.

CH: What was the deciding factor that made you want to release a comedy album?

SJ: I always wanted to do a comedy album. It’s another classic way to deliver the artform… it’s always been done. Its also kind of like a good in between before you really have an hour (special).

CH: You have a unique voice in comedy. When you do stand-up are you talking to people like you or the people you want to understand you?

 I’m talking to a little bit of everyone. I’m talking to people like me but I’m mostly talking to people who may not know my story or understand my circumstances. I naturally do comedy that is me. I try to stick to the human nature of people and the core of who we are….

As the conversation continued, Jay would also hint that her writing for SNL shares the same sentiments as her comedy on stage. “I try to write to what I think is funny, so sometimes it might be political and sometimes not,” she would reveal. And if you’re wondering if Sam hopes to land a feature role on SNL, she would tell Tate that it’s something she hasn’t put too much thought into yet. You can stream ‘Donna’s Daughter’ from Sam Jay on all digital platforms like Spotify & Itunes.

Take a listen to a track for the album, below.

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