Stephen Glover Says His Favorite Lines From ‘Atlanta FX’ Season 2 Was ‘Bibby On His Bluetooth’

As you should Atlanta FX is headed back to The Emmys this year with a couple nominations. In a new interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, writer of the series, Stephen Glover, would discuss his favorite moments from the show’s second season. For Glover, he would go on to tell THR that his personal favorite dialogue was when barber Bibby (played by comedian Robert Powell) kept confusing character Al in the barbershop when he was on his Bluetooth.

THR: What would you say is one of your favorite lines of dialogue?

The whole opening scene of the barbershop episode where Bibby and Al are in the barbershop and he is trying to get his hair cut and Bibby won’t even start. Alfred thinks he’s talking to him but he’s on the phone, then Bibby is talking to him — he can’t tell because he has a bluetooth phone. Alfred is like, “I have somewhere to be,” and Bibby’s like, “What are you hanging around for, don’t you have somewhere to be?” and Al’s like, “Yes! I already told you that!” It’s very Atlanta and very specific to my life.

Watch the moment, below.