Steve Harvey Says Kevin Hart Will Break Kings Of Comedy’s Records, Schools Young Comedians

You can’t deny that Steve Harvey has transcended beyond his humble beginnings in comedy. The known Kings Of Comedy member is easily considered as a blueprint of what one can do with their career. From TV shows, films, radio, and books we have all seen his growth. In a recent moment while beginning a new workout journey for his ’30 Day Transformation’ with trainer Luther Freeman, Steve went on to praise the growth of Kevin Hart. He candidly addresses Kevin’s known love for the gym and goes on to say that Kevin will most likely surpass what ever records the Kings Of Comedy once held. The Kings Of Comedy is the second highest grossing stand-up special at the box office with $38 Million worldwide.

I think you will single handily break all the records that the Kings have set….I appreciate you boy…talking with Ced about it… you deserve it… from an old king to a new king

In a sperate conversation while on his radio show earlier today, Steve continued his talk about the Kings Of Comedy, and went on to talk about George Wallace. While running down the history of George and his upcoming Unsung episode, Steve went on to tell younger comedians about paying homage to those before.

“When you get these young punk ass comedians that say something about an older cat, he old he’s a has been, “Hey man he made it possible for you”..without George Wallace without the Kings Of Comedy, you don’t even exist”, take a listen.

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