Steve Harvey Went To Court To Stop The Release Of Compromising Stand-Up Tapes

Yesterday, Steve Harvey had some legal things to handle as he took a trip to a Dallas, Texas courtroom. The matter at hand revolves around a collection of tapes featuring Harvey delivering some reportedly offensive material. The owner of the tapes looks to release the footage unless Harvey paid out $10 Million.

Comedian and TV host Steve Harvey was in a Dallas federal courtroom Tuesday for a lawsuit over unreleased comedy tapes. The tapes were reportedly made when Harvey was much younger. They include embarrassing and in some case racist material. Harvey reportedly encourages his fans to spit on white people at one point. The owner wants to sell the tapes and Harvey sued to stop that. The man wants $10 million in damages for a breach of contract, but Harvey said he never signed a contract.

This Sunday; Steve is set to return as the host of the Miss Universe pageant.