“Stop With The Reboots” – David Alan Grier Discusses Career And Comedy Today

Before a series of comedy shows in Houston, David Alan Grier would stop by The ‘Madd Hatta Morning Show’ and highlight some points in his career. Grier would walk the show’s host through his experiences on ‘In Living Color’ and even that time he hosted ‘Saturday Night Live.’

At one point, the comedy great would even be asked about the newest Jumanji film. Back in 1995, Grier would co-star in the film’s original with Robin Williams. For Grier, he would express that he hopes to see more original works be pushed as Hollywood’s current trend appears to be reboots. “My whole thing is stop with the reboots…. You know their remaking Super Fly?… I watched the trailer .. I was like “He’s a male model?,” Grier would joke to the show’s host. It is interesting to note that Grier’s film ‘Boomerang’ is also in the reboot chamber as BET announced they will bring back the comedy flick as a series. Take a look at the nearly 30-minute conversation with Grier, below.