Are We About To See ‘The 85 South Show’ With DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, And Chico Bean On Revolt?

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Hard work pays off. It appears that Diddy may have is eyes on adding another podcast to his TV channel, Revolt. As some may know, back in 2016 fans saw rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN team up with the music mogul for new episodes of the Drink Champs podcast. Fast forward to yesterday, Diddy may have found some new talent to add.

Wild N’ Out stars Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean and team have aggressively been creating content for their show, The 85 South Show. For those who know, it’s much more than a podcast. Back in 2017, Comedy Hype was in attendance at one of their many shows and left knowing the podcast has truly found its lane. According to their Instagram accounts, it looks that a conversation happened between the shows co-hosts and Diddy. Karlous Miller would end up hinting that something could be in the works by captioning his Instagram post with, “Just to be in the same room with @diddy was a good enough for me. Then that talk we had changed everything, thank you just for the time.”

As of now, nothing has been confirmed but we’ll keep you posted as more develops.

The 85 South Show Remakes ‘Family Feud’ At Live Show Hosted By Karlous Miller

When Karlous Miller isn’t cracking fans up on Wild N’ Out with MTV2, he’s hosting his 85 South Show Podcast. The show also features DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and others. Since it’s start, The 85 South Show has developed into a traveling live show; complete with games, music, and improv. For their latest Improv night in Atlanta, we got a chance to see the crew at work. Comedic personalities Light Skin Keisha, Mr. Bankshot, Navv Greene and comedian Fat Man Deezy joined Miller on stage. At one point in the show, the collective of talents got together to give fans a remake version of Family Feud, Dysfunctional Family Feud (Above). Just like the title suggest, this isn’t the Family Feud your grandmother watches. You can watch the full show below.

Donnell Rawlings Stops By The 85 South Show: Gives Back Story To Wayne Brady Sketch On The Chappelle Show

On a new episode of The 85 South Show presented by Comedy Hype, Chappelle’s Show’s own Donnell Rawlings stopped by the studio to speak with Karlous Miller in the studio while DC Young Fly is on the road. Of course Donnell took time out to explain his history in comedy, the Chappelle’s Show’s legacy, online comedy, and more. At one point of their conversation, Donnell shared his favorite sketch from The Chappelle Show being when Wayne Brady showed his different side.

My favorite sketch is the Wayne Brady sketch… see Paul Mooney did a diss on Wayne Brady, and Wayne saw Dave at a club in New York…. and he was offended by it. Dave felt some type of way about it, and invited Wayne to do that sketch. The funny thing about it was it took Wayne about 35 minutes to say “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a b*tch?”

Take a listen to the full episode below:

Karlous Miller Trades Comedy Stories With Steve Brown On The 85 South Show

steve brown

On a new episode of The 85 South Show, veteran comedian Steve Brown sat down for a missing DC Young Fly. This time around with host Karlous Miller in the studio we get a chance to hear some pretty insightful stories that may go unheard. For Steve he shares parts of his career, from dealing with his jokes being stolen to commentating on things happening in comedy.

While sharing how he started doing comedy, Steve went on to credit Rickey Smiley but later revealed some tension between them. Both Karlous and Steve spoke on Katt Williams which included their own personal run-ins with Katt. New episodes of The 85 South Show presented by Comedy Hype, can be found on iTunes & Soundcloud.

D.C. Young Fly Announces His Presidential Run On The 85 South Show

dc young fly

Before Barack Obama leaves the White House, Karlous Miller and D.C. Young Fly made sure to give him a proper farewell on a new episode of The 85 South Show. For the newest episode the two get back in the studio to cover all the things they would do if they were president to DC’s announcement of running for president, listen below.

If you were president, what would you do? Listen to the full story at the 20:00 mark, along with what each of the comedians have been up to. New episodes of The 85 South Show can be found on iTunes & Soundcloud.

Rodney Perry Shares The Moment He Knew Katt Williams Was Going To Make It, Stops By The 85 South Show

comedy 85 south podcast

DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller are keeping things going with their push for new radio podcast 85 South Show, presented by Comedy Hype. In the third episode of the series, veteran comedian Rodney Perry (of Bounce TV’s Off The Chain), Ronnie Jordan (Kampus Royalty Tour), and Rob Haze (Last Comic Standing) stopped by. Perry dropped off moments from his comedy up, that included his time in Oakland and competing in the Bay Area Black Comedy Festival. In part of their conversation and jokes, Perry retold a story of when he remembered Katt Williams showing up to the comedy club with own security guard before the fame.

The people that make it, know…. Katt Williams knew. Katt had won this contest… and he was auditioning for this spot to be the opening for the radio station and they didn’t have a dressing room for him. This was a big show. So he went on to take one of the bathrooms, took a sheet of paper and wrote a star on it and putt it up on the bathroom wall…. I remember thinking to myself that he was going to make it. He would do grand stand shit. Katt came in the club with this 6’8 dude, holding an umbrella in his hand. Katt told me the coldest shit I heard from anybody, he said, “N*gga I’m just trying to keep the hater-ade off me..” He was already a star.

Listen to the full story at the 20:00 mark, along with what each of the comedians have been up to. New episodes of The 85 South Show can be found on iTunes & Soundcloud.

CH Premiere: Karlous Miller And DC Young Fly Launch ‘The 85 South Show’ Podcast

85 south show

The world of podcast just got funnier. Two of Wild N’ Outs breakout stars, Karlous Miller and DC Young Fly have joined forces to introduce their newest podcast series; The 85 South Show presented by Comedy Hype. In the premiere episode of the show we learn more about the two from their hometown, cars, how they met, moments in the hood, and why actor Michael B. Jordan blocked DC on Instagram. Press play and enjoy!

New episodes of The 85 South Show can be found on iTunes & Soundcloud.