Stand-Up: DeRay Davis Shares The Time He Almost Got Caught Stealing As A Kid, Stops By ‘This Is Not Happening’

For a new ‘This Is Not Happening’ moment on Comedy Central, DeRay Davis stopped by to speak on a moment from his childhood. For what was supposed to be a sneaker heist, would turn into a family reunion with his dad. Davis explains that he was thinking about all of his options to avoid getting his mom involved. Check out the now released ‘This Is Not Happening’ feature, hosted by Roy Wood Jr.

DeRay Davis To Return For New Season Of ‘VH1’s Hip-Hop Squares’ This April

Ice Cube and host DeRay Davis are set to return for a new season of Hip-Hop Squares On VH1, on April 18th. Like the first season, we will see Davis host the trivia game-show with some of today’s most notables names. The show and guest will touch on topics of everything happening in Hip-Hop.  According to reports, we will see Tiffany Haddish, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, “T.I.”, Erykah Badu, Jay Pharoah, Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert, Jermaine Fowler, Amanda Seales and Yvonne Orji.

Check out the teaser for the second season as it’s set to premiere on April 18th with two back-to-back episodes at 10PM ET.

Review: DeRay Davis Proves He Is A Superstar With Netflix Special, How To Act Black

Photo: Netflix

On November 14th, DeRay Davis will return with an all new comedy special for his fans on Netflix, called “How To Act Black”. The special, which was filmed in Atlanta, GA several months ago, serves as an important one for the Chicago comedian. The reason why: it’s due to where Davis is in his career. When you look at Davis’s resume, yes he’s done it all, but he hasn’t had his moment—yet. In the era of superstar comedians, big moments, and online spectacles, Davis has always been in the mix, but his career moves never fully separated him from other comedians. “How To Act Black” is that moment.

Through 2017, we’ve seen many comedy specials, but honestly, many haven’t been all that special. The specials that have been dropping as of recent lacked what we’ve seen in the past, hype. Nowadays a special receives the same treatment as a TV episode. Do you remember when a comedy special from a comedian was a moment? This lack of hype and excitement for a special is not entirely on the talent. This responsibility is really on everyone connected in the food chain of comedy. Despite appearing like another Netflix special, “How To Act Black” is not. The special is perfectly packaged from it’s title marketing to joke diversity. Though Davis is considered to be one of today’s most prominent urban comedians, the jokes in “How To Act Black” are not just a black thing. Davis was able to create dialogue for his fans and refreshingly touch on some serious topics like mass shootings.

By looking at Davis you see the potential too. He has a raw comedic ability and the women don’t mind watching him perform, but why haven’t we seen him in bigger roles? That question is clearly addressed in Davis’s special, Hollywood hasn’t seen this type of talent before.

We here at Comedy Hype, were able to check out Davis’s recording of “How To Act Black” and we have to admit that this is what he needed. “How To Act Black” will prove to Davis’s peers and even Hollywood elite that he is star when given the stage. It was refreshing to see the veteran comedian show a sense of humility in knowing that his career has so much more potential. If given the proper follow up, this can easily be Davis’s career defining moment.

“How To Act Black” will be available at Netflix on November 14th.

Here’s The Trailer To Deray Davis’s ‘How To Act Black’ Netflix Special

On November 14th, DeRay Davis will drop off his newest comedy special for Netflix viewers, How To Act Black. The special will capture what Davis has had to deal with in Hollywood mixed in with personal experiences. To get us all ready for the new special, the trailer to How To Act Black has arrived. In the new clip, we hear Davis’s problems with auditions, and what it means to be black. Look out for our feature story on the special as we get closer to it’s release date.