Donnell Rawlings Responds To Faizon Love’s Chappelle Comments, Implies Love Is Hating

Photo: TMZ

This week has been an interesting one for Faizon Love. The Friday star has been on a press run sharing some unfavorable opinions about Dave Chappelle in a series of interviews. Most of Love’s criticism surrounds how much Dave received from Netflix for his comedy specials. As you know, Donnell Rawlings has been Chappelle’s right-hand man for quite some time and he’s finally responding to Love’s comments about his friend. In several posts on Instagram, Rawlings has implied Faizon is just a hater and that he should worry about being funny. As we expect, Dave himself has been quiet about the whole thing.

Check out the three post from Rawlings on the matter.

#toosoon No beef just the facts!

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A reason for Love’s comments toward Chappelle has yet to be revealed.

Donnell Rawlings Talks Michael Blackson Vs. Kevin Hart & Chappelle On ‘The Breakfast Club’

This morning, Donnell Rawlings got together with his family over at The Breakfast Club. They had plenty to discuss from his career start to his thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s next moves. One question that came up, how did he feel about Michael Blackson going at Kevin Hart? Rawlings would go on to side with Kevin’s point of view on the situation.

Towards the end of his visit, Rawlings would then suggest that Dave Chappelle’s next moves could fall into the producer chair. When Charlamagne The God ended up asking Donnell about his own comedy special, Donnell answered by sharing Chappelle could very well be behind it in the near future. Their conversation would also go on to touch Dave’s constant back and forth with the Transgender community. Check out the nearly 30-minute interview, below.

Premiere: Donnell Rawlings Represents For Stand-Up Comedy In ‘Funny Moves’ Music Video

You may have seen a snippet of Donnell Rawlings rapping his newest song Funny Moves but now you can see the visuals to the project. For the rap song inspired by Cardi B’s hit Bodak Yellow, Rawlings sets the record straight on how he feels about online comedy. Though a comical song, Donnell’s Funny Moves does address an important topic comedy and stand-up comedians. What’s more important? Having a large online following or making a crowd laugh every night? For Rawlings’s new music video we see his hometown of Brooklyn, family, and a mock run-in with TMZ at Los Angeles’s The Comedy Store.

Donnell Rawlings Has A Cardi B Remix Representing For Stand-Up Comedy

Donnell Rawlings has been doing stand-up comedy for quiet some time. The veteran comedian out of DC has seen it all when it comes to comedy. Now with the heavy influence of social media in comedy, Rawlings has felt to address a few things in regard to online comedy’s perception. In part of his talk with Jim Dancy on Comedy Hype News, Donnell goes to discuss his upcoming remix on Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow and what he looks to accomplish with his newest song. You can watch the rest of Donnell’s talk with Comedy Hype, here.

Donnell Rawlings Talks About Convincing Charlie Murphy To Do Stand-Up

A few weeks back, Comedy Hype News got a moment to catch up with Donnell Rawlings. Our sit down with the loved comedian would touch on everything from his time with The Chappelle Show, cooking for Dave Chappelle, comedy, and a few things happening in today’s culture. “I never met someone as loyal or as generous…. Charlie Murhphy started comedy later in his life… he started comedy as a result of him having popularity from the Chappelle show and me bullying him to get on stage…. I kept harassing him.., Donnell went to tell his Jim Dancy. Watch below.

Donnell Rawlings Comments On Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Warns Women Looking To Get In Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein has definitely sparked a national conversation on sexual abuse in the workplace and in particular Hollywood. Donnell Rawlings recently caught up with TMZ to share his opinion on Weinstein and the conversation of sexual abuse in Hollywood. Donnell goes to explain his observation and goes on to warn women looking to be in Hollywood. “I want to say this (to women in Hollywood), prepare yourself to be disrespected by men and your job is to rebuke any of that sh*t,” Donnell goes on to tell cameras.

Video Released Of Donnell Rawlings Allegedly Hitting Chappelle Fan

Earlier this week we reported that Donnell Rawlings allegedly ended up hitting a man following Chappelle’s night at Radio City Hall. At the time it was reported that the man was on ‘Facebook live’ during the incident, so we knew video existed. Thanks to TMZ who first broke the news, we now have footage to what happened. The video released gets a little shaky at times but clearly shows things escalated. Rawlings has been wanted for questioning.

Donnell insists he never laid a finger on Greer (man in video) and in the video you don’t see Donnell ever make contact with the guy. But the video is insane, and the fight seems to last forever … lots of n-words hurled back and forth. As we reported … Donnell’s wanted by police for questioning. Greer says he was injured in the altercation, citing a sore back, neck and head … among other scrapes and bruises.