Leslie Jones Wants To Battle Rap Eminem In This SNL Teaser

Tomorrow, a new SNL will happen with Chancer The Rapper Dancer serving as host and Eminem as the night’s musical guest. In the last promo teaser to prepare for the new episode, Chance, Em, and Leslie Jones plug the night. Now from the looks, Leslie may take Eminem’s apperance as her chance to finally battle the rapper. Check out the new teaser.

Taran Killam Tried To Impersonate Eminem’s Trump Freestyle

SNL alumn, Seth Meyers and Taram Killam got together last night on an episode of Late Night with Seth. They discuss SNL, and eventually bring up Taran’s impersonation skills. As they kept the convo going, Taran went on to bring out his Eminem impression to shout-out the Detroit rapper following his freestyle towards Donald Trump.