4YallEnt. Spoof’s Genius’s ‘Explain Your Rap Lyrics’ Feature

Toronto’s 4Yall ENT. has dropped off another comedy skit for their fans to enjoy. This time the duo brings their jokes into the world of ‘Genius’, the mega-digital library of music lyrics. If you’ve ever seen the ‘Verified series’ on Genius, rappers get a chance to explain why they wrote certain lyrics and this is where 4Yall finds their humor. Check it out, below.

Pete Davidson Drops Nearly $5,000 On ‘Complex’s Sneaker Shopping’

Pete Davidson seems to be doing just fine as he and Complex recently connected for an episode of ‘Sneaker Shopping’. Davidson would end up sharing that he recently made a purchase on new teeth but that wouldn’t slow down his sneaker shopping experience. After discussing Trump, Larry David, and dad shoes; the SNL feature would go on to buy several pairs of kicks that would total out to $4,484.94.

Check out his full talk, with host Joe La Puma.

Spike Lee Wants You To Know That ‘BLACKkKLANSMAN’ Is NOT A “KKK Buddy Comedy”

Photo: Instagram/OfficialSpikeLee

Spike Lee and Jordan Peele are ready to premiere their newest film together, ‘BLACKkKLANSMAN’. The film looks to tell a true story about a black police officer who goes undercover as a Ku Klux Klan member. Some first look footage debuted at this year’s CinemaCon to show a little of what audiences can expect.

One writer at IndieWire would go on to label the project a “KKK Buddy Comedy” which Lee has now taken to his social media to denounce those claims.

“While some directors would envision the true story about the KKK as a drama, the footage at CinemaCon confirms Lee has made something of a buddy comedy featuring Washington’s detective, Ron Stallworth, and his partner Flip, played by Adam Driver. The tone was a shock but had the CinemaCon theater audibly laughing.”

In an Instagram message (Below), Lee would share the exact IndieWire article while clearing up ‘buddy comedy’ claims. He would admit that the project will have humor but made it very clear that this wasn’t a comedy. ‘BLACKkKLANSMAN’ is set to be in theaters on August 10th.


Damon Wayans Jr. Talks With Hot 97: Black Panther, Past Cop Roles, Mo’Nique, And More

Damon Wayans Jr. is in NYC this weekend to drop off some new jokes at Carolines On Broadway. The stand-up comedian would find himself sitting with the crew of Hot 97 to talk about his latest. In the interview, Damon touches on some of his past roles, like the film ‘Lets Be Cops’. The hit comedy would end up being released during a tough time between law enforcement and Black America. Wayans would briefly mention the backlash he received for the film and hinted that he wouldn’t be comfortable with doing a sequel. Other topics from the talk included Mo’Nique, Black Panther, and his comedy career. Check it out, below.

Preview: Eddie Griffin Has The Perfect Joke About Donald Trump’s Wall

As you may know, Eddie Griffin is dropping off a new comedy special with Showtime on February 9 at 10 pm. Like many comedians, jokes on Donald Trump is hard not to given society’s current climate. In a new teaser released in promotion of ‘Eddie Griffin: Undeniable’, Griffin perfectly breaks down why Trump’s wall plan won’t slow down anything or anyone.

Charlamagne The God, Andrew Schulz And Guest Jas Fly Talk ‘Aziz Ansari Accusations’ On The Brilliant Idiots

One of the biggest topics happening in comedy right now is Aziz Ansari’s sexual assault allegations. As you can recall, last September Aziz shared an intimate evening with a young woman. The woman would later come forward claiming Aziz assaulted her during their night together. In a now published story, she would detail her time with Aziz and how things became uncomfortable for her.

This particular incident appears to have many standing on different sides of the fence. Was the woman truly assaulted? Did Aziz cross the line? To keep the conversation going, The Brilliant Idiots podcast invited journalist and influencer JasFly to share her perspective.

Jerry Seinfeld Battles Jimmy Fallon In Stand-Up On The Tonight Show

Last night we got a special treat when comedy legend, Jerry Seinfeld stopped by as a Tonight Show guest. As Fallon wanted to learn more about Seinfeld’s life they ended up in a Stand-Up Battle on the show. The game works by both comedians reciting old jokes from Jerry Seinfeld, with the crowd deciding who had the best Seinfeld impersonation and delivery. Check out the hilarious exchange.

Seinfeld would go on to share the moment he first decided to become a comedian along with his endless amount of material.

Sketch: Asian Guy Frustrated That There Is A Lack Of Asian Men In Adult Movies

Comedic writer and actor, Woody Fu has recently noticed something; there are hardly any Asian men in the porn industry. Think about it – how many Asian men do you see when you’re watching adult entertainment sites like videoshd on your computer. Woody’s frustration has now turned into a skit showcasing exactly what he means. When searching for a little ‘personal time’, Fu with help of Siri does his best to find a specific type of porn video. Things don’t go as planned. Watch it below. If you’re not into porn sketches and prefer the real thing, you could look into adult actresses such as Beth Bennet.