Man Who Attacked Comedian On Stage Has Been Arrested

Photo: YouTube

This week one of the wildest things happened, comedian Steve Brown was attacked on stage during a performance at The Comedy House in Columbia, SC. The now viral clip showed some of the danger comedians are actually vulnerable to if proper security isn’t in place. The man at the time, Marvin Toatley, would then storm off before authorities would arrive.

Now it turns out that Toatley was been arrested and charged on Wednesday for several counts of assault.

Marvin Toatley was hit with three counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, one count of assault and battery third degree, and one count of malicious injury to property announced Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott Wednesday. The attack went down Sunday night while Brown was performing a set at the Comedy House in Columbia, SC. An audience member filmed Toatley, allegedly unprovoked, get on stage and begin going at Brown with his fists, followed by the microphone stand, and finally a stool. Toatley fled the scene after the attack leaving Brown with a wound to his arm after being hit with the mic stand.


Michael Blackson Fires Off More Jokes About Kevin Hart

Michael Blackson as mentioned is not slowing down the Kevin Hart jokes. At a recent show in Boston on Friday night, Blackson would dedicate some of his time on stage to take further aim at Hart.

During a recent visit to The Breakfast Club, Kevin would go on to express his issue with Blackson making jokes about his infidelity scandal. Hart’s main issue was that he felt that the two comedians were friends and that the ongoing jokes were something a friend wouldn’t do. As far as Blackson, he feels that by being a comedian, it’s his job to make fun of topical things happening in pop-culture.

In his latest round of jokes at Kevin, Blackson would make more insults about Kevin’s height and would go on to defend his stance on making jokes.

TMZ has obtained footage from the night, check it out!

Jeff Ross Finds Trump Supporter Who Supports Undocumented DREAMers

Jeff Ross’s newest roasting special finds himself at the center of immigration talks. Under The United State’s current presidential administration, undocumented youth will no longer be protected from tough restrictions. In a now shared clip, Ross talked with some local DREAMers and even found a Trump supporter who didn’t see anything wrong with the undocumented youth enjoying their life in the states. Jeff Ross Roast The Border airs Nov. 16th on Comedy Central.

Comedy Music Video: Big Shaq Drops The Visuals For ‘Mans Not Hot’

If you been anywhere online you’ve probably heard the song Man’s Not Hot. The song which is now a viral hit was all due to the creative vision of comedian Michael Dapaah (AKA Big Shaq). Yesterday, Dapaah dropped the music video to his comedic song and it already has nearly 2 Million views. Take a look at the new visuals as Big Shaq takes a trip to Miami, Amsterdam, Toronto while wearing his recognized jacket because man’s not hot!

Woman Tells Deon Cole & Tiffany Haddish She Thinks Black People Are Good Athletes Because Of Slavery

Deon Cole is stirring up talks on his new game show, Face Value on BET. The show as we have mentioned, focuses on guest trying to figure out someone just by their appearance. For a recent moment on the series, things got a bit interesting when they spoke with a white woman about black athletes. Affion Crockett and Essence Atkins sat in on the series as Affion’s team had to guess what the woman thought contributed to black athletes being so athletic. The woman would go on to shake things up by stating slavery breeding is why blacks dominate in sports. Yeah, watch the moment below.

Jamie Foxx & Joe Rogan Talk ‘Mayweather Vs. McGregor’ Fight

On August 26 fighting fans will see one of the biggest boxing matches take place when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor enter the ring. Jamie Foxx who on record has shown he knows a little something about boxing, sat down with Joe Rogan this week. For the full episode of The Joe Rogan Experience; Foxx delivered several stories about coming up in Hollywood. In a clip released of the interview, Jamie and Joe both discuss their initial thoughts going into the fight and what makes Mayweather so great.

Deon Cole Joins The Cast Of Upcoming Indie-Comedy ‘Headshop’

Deon Cole is about to share the screen with Loretta Devine, and Kimberly Elise for upcoming film, Headshop. The Chicago based comedian is ready to get another film under his belt. Yesterday it was announced that Cole has already begun production for the new indie-comedy. As of now it’s unclear what his role will be in the film but If you can recall Deon is also filming Black-ish’s spin-off College-ish.

The Carmichael Show‘s Loretta Devine, Kimberly Elise, Deon Cole (ABC’s Black-ish), are set to co-star in the upcoming indie comedy Headshop, directed by Kim Bass. Michael Jai White, Reno Wilson, Marla Gibbs, Tony Plana, Kris Marshall, Donis Leonard Jr., and Claudia Zevallos round out the cast of the film, which is currently shooting in Los Angles. Written by Bass, the pic follows therapist Dr. Latrice Monroe who, after a devastating loss, tries to reconnect to her roots by opening her new office in a neighborhood that’s very resistant to her services. As her new neighbors slowly open up, they inadvertently teach her the true meaning of community.


Deon shared a picture with him and a few cast members on set.