Cedric The Entertainer Calls Out 50 Cent For Fake Lyrics In ’50 Central’ Sketch

Just because a rapper raps about it, doesn’t mean it actually happened. Some time ago, 50 Cent debuted his sketch comedy series, ’50 Central’ over at BET. It turns out that Cedric The Entertainer would stop by the show for some fun.BET announced several days ago that they will be releasing more of ’50 Central’ across their social platforms for fans to enjoy. In a new sketch with Cedric, 50 Cent’s lyrics are placed under the microscope with Cedric playing a lead investigator.

Sketch: Asian Guy Frustrated That There Is A Lack Of Asian Men In Adult Movies

Comedic writer and actor, Woody Fu has recently noticed something; there are hardly any Asian men in the porn industry. Think about it – how many Asian men do you see when you’re watching adult entertainment sites like videoshd on your computer. Woody’s frustration has now turned into a skit showcasing exactly what he means. When searching for a little ‘personal time’, Fu with help of Siri does his best to find a specific type of porn video. Things don’t go as planned. Watch it below. If you’re not into porn sketches and prefer the real thing, you could look into adult actresses such as Beth Bennet.

Comedy Music Video: Lamorne Morris Just Created The Realest Anthem ‘CMNFT’

We’ve all heard the saying, “It aint fun if the homies can’t have none”, and Lamorne Morris has now turned it into a song. For his music video ‘CMNFT’, Lamorne brings out over-the-top outfits, hair pieces, and a dope beat for us all to enjoy. The hook of the song gets straight to the point and we can only advise that you don’t listen to this at work or around the children. We just saw Morris over the weekend helping honor Martin Lawrence at VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors.

Kid From Kid N’ Play Finally Explains Why He Spoofed Colin Kaepernick With Jason Whitlock

Last week was a rough one for Christopher Reid known as Kid from Hip-Hop group Kid N’ Play. A picture surfaced of Reid in an Afro spoofing former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick. Controversy immediately followed because many thought Reid was a white man spoofing the black quarterback. When it was finally revealed who was the person spoofing Kaeprnqick alongside sports analyst Jason Whitlock, fans remained upset. Most of the outrage comes from people being disappointed that two black men would make mockery of Kaepernick’s movement on police brutality.

Now using his Facebook, Reid has broke his silence to explain why he spoofed the quarterback. Check out his message below.

Sorry for the delayed response people-I was under the weather the last several days and I also wanted to take a little time to make sure my response was both measured and intelligent.

With that said, let me address the elephant in the room (and no, I don’t mean Whitlock)……Look, I get it-taking a pic with Jason Whitlock is like taking a pic with Samuel L. Jackson in “Django”-most people might be perplexed by this act and others will get litty on you and call you a “coon”, “sellout” or even worse. These are the pitfalls of a public life. I accept them.

Let me be clear-the skit and photo were not meant to disrespect Colin’s message or political stance. Rather, we wanted to spoof the media’s treatment of him and the circus that has been created. I understand that Whitlock has been a vocal critic of Colin so the optics of the photo have got me looking crazy. But anyone who knows me knows where I stand on Colin Kaepernick-exactly where he stands. Being born and raised in NYC I grew up seeing and reading about dozens of acts of police brutality. And the same way we know the names of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile and Michael Brown today, I grew up knowing the same fate had come to Eleanor Bumpurs, Amadou Diallo, and Abner Louima. Sadly, little has changed.

Over the years I have collected my share of controversial friends. People like Bill Maher, Charlemagne tha God, and a whole host of rappers and actors come quickly to mind. But that doesn’t mean we share the same opinion on all topics. As friends, we have vigorous discussions on sensitive issues and many times we agree to disagree.

Moving forward, I recognize the danger of optics without proper explanation-people race to their own conclusions, good and bad. I also have to accept my part in this controversy-the fact that my rep was taking hits was shocking at first-but I’ve come to a healthy understanding of how some people were dismayed by what went down.

Life moves forward-as always…..and so shall I. Shout to my fam and friends that always hold me down and support me-your calls and texts were real and much needed. As for the fans that have supported me over the years, I would like to assure you that I haven’t become some different person. I look forward to the future-thanx for reading my manifesto.

Peace, Christopher “Kid” Reid

 The network that was originally preparing to air the sketch has since pulled it, after the backlash.

Sketch: How Is Your Diet-Relationship Going? (Love Hurts)

I have this exhausting, visceral, love/hate relationship with a certain object of affection and so I decided to write and film a comedic sketch about it. Like any relationship; it starts off great, you’re getting along and no one can do any wrong. I’m talking super fresh. Like if you forget to call your boo back but no one is jumping to conclusions, popping up over each others house, slashing tires fresh! It’s like you do what you want and everything goes smoothly. Then a year goes by or lets be real, maybe one or two months and an argument can easily spark up. The circle of life of an argument is that it repeats itself over and over again in every situation.

I didn’t mean for the relationship to turn into this, but it’s bound to happen when you’ve been in the relationship since high school, I’m talking 9th grade- beginning of high school. It’s fine when you’re young because you bounce off of your own stupidity like a trampoline when you’re young. But as you get older you might bust through that same trampoline because it is absolutely not ready for all that weight you’re toting. So this sketch is me growing out of a relationship. I need something more whole and organic. But it ain’t ready for me to leave yet! 

Love Hurts By NaTonia Monét

Dormtainment Spoofs Shark Tank with “Broke Tank”

Dormtainment keeps their latest run going with a new sketch for fans. This time around the guys decide to add their comedic vision to entrepreneur-show, Shark Tank. For the spoof they introduce a new cast of Sharks who appear to be working with an extremely tighter budget which is why the sketch is entitled, 1 22 by generated statistics usage version viagra webalizer go here http://www.danhostel.org/papers/a-major-advantage-of-case-studies-is/11/ pill better viagra cialis levitra viagra blue capsule follow source site https://dvas.org/bp-meds-online-without-prescription-lisinopril-40-mg-13119/ go site synthroid testosterone https://creativephl.org/pills/viagra-sublingual/33/ chronological order essays film essay cheap custom essays online http://www.naymz.com/creative-writing-sfsu/ http://www.chesszone.org/lib/thesis-unscented-body-cream-405.html sample change management consultant resume american writers essay humanities thesis outline help me write reflective essay on hacking thesis and dissertation guide professional dissertation results editing website follow url click here how do i delete emails from my iphone and computer at the same time lyrics of kabhi jo badal barse female viagra how to write a research paper on management topics for business research paper https://thewrightcenter.org/healthcare/viagra-legal-rezeptfrei-kaufen-nice-price/2020/ brand viagra online canadian pharmacy custom personal essay https://goodsamatlanta.org/patients/viagra-without-prescription-mississauga/01/ Broke Tank. For this show a deal is a deal even though you still leave broke.