King Bach, Bresha Webb, And More Spoof ‘Fences’ Starring Dezel Washington

King Bach isn’t new when it comes to spoofing award winning actor Denzel Washington. So with Denzel back in theaters with new film ‘Fences’ it was only right for Bach to return with his impression of Washington. Along with comedic actress Bresha Webb (As Viola Davis), Greg Davis, Alphonso McAuley, Tahir Moore, and Destorm we get to see a much different version of the dramatic film.

Dormtainment Spoofs Joe Budden Running Down Drake Fans

The guys of prednisolone silagra tablets side effects where can i buy zovirax tablets safely viagra max complaints doctoral thesis defense resume help org write an essay about your life experience follow site cialis online without prescription world order essay hsc enter cheap viagra paypal payment no script cheap estradiol cialis strips kaufen viagra 100mg red zimbra spam viagra 24 7 drug store toronto family duties essay basic resume help essay help chat source url viagra ejaculate help with writing papers essay writter report writing topics for college students resume writing service nashville tn super active viagra the alamo essay papers how to write an appellate brief standard of review Dormtainment decided to highlight one of Hip-Hop’s recent talked about moments with rapper Joe Budden chasing down fans who showed up to his house. In the parody short, we see a look alike Budden having to deal with Drake fans as the two rappers are currently in a reported beef. Instead of Drake showing up to handle things, some of his fans have been stepping in. Who knew Dormtainment’s Chaz already had a Joe Budden connection?

People Are Roasting Themselves Online Now, ThatDudeMcFly Does The ‘Roast Yourself Challenge’

Every month it seems that there is a new challenge for people to test out. Back in the days when you heard about people roasting it would be with other people involved. Most roast and even still to this day feature a line up of roasters and one person who is the target. Well now some are taking to the internet to test out how much self-deprication they can handle. Online personality Marlon Palmer aka ThatDudeMcFly jumped on board to try out the ‘#RoastYourselfChallenge’, here’s what happened.

Comedy Moment: When Dave Chappelle Spoofed Prince With Charlie Murphy


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prince chris rock

The music world has taken a big loss today. Music icon Prince has reportedly passed away at the age of 57. Though most of his memorable moments came from his career in music; a new generation of people was introduced to the singer by a famous sketch from Dave Chappelle. The skit was apart of a series that involved Charlie Murphy telling stories on his time coming up in Hollywood, Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories. We spotlight that moment in comedy in which many discovered Prince also was a respected basketball player. Purple Rain forever.

Donnell Rawlings Responds To Philly Fight With Drake Spoof

Earlier in March, Donnell Rawlings found himself in a heated moment at a diner in Philadelphia. The recorded scuffle was reportedly a result of him being accused of dashing and dining, which he quickly denied. Now to make light of things, Donnell grabs an instrumental from Drake to get his leading lady (Played by comedian Pretty Ricki) to enjoy another meal with him. Here’s his new video Food Bell Ring.

Dormtainment Just Made An Epic Music-Video Spoof About ‘Internet Beef’, Watch “Thumb Thuggin”

Internet beef takes a lot out of ones fingers and Dormtainment seems to understand how it works. In a new video feature, the 6 Guys, One Car front-men get together to spoof some of your favorite films to better elaborate the culture of online dissing. We see act outs on Paid In Full, Training Day, and even Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Stay safe and watch out for Thumb Thuggin.

Blake Griffin Flirts With Comedy Again, To Feature On ‘Broad City’


Two years ago NBA player Blake Griffin surprised an audience at Los Angele’s Laugh Factory when he appeared on stage for a performance. Then he was focused on doing a comedy bit that spoofed slam poetry and now he’s getting back into comedy with an upcoming feature on Comedy Central’s Broad City. Based on a newly released clip of the series Blake might be hooking up with one of the show’s co-stars.

For proof, check out this clip of his cameo on Wednesday’s episode of Broad City, in which the Los Angeles Clippers’ star hangs in the 40/40 Club with Ilana – who believes he is merely a kindhearted ginger, until Abbi informs her pal that he “plays for the NBA.” And after that, it’s on. “I bet he’d be a stamp in my sexual passport,” Ilana beams. “I’ve never been with someone over 6-foot-5!”


Tommy Chong Has A Web Series Coming That Spoofs ‘Man Vs. Wild’

We’ve all seen explorer Bear Grylls take on the wild apart his series Man Vs. Wild on The Discovery Channel. Now as he takes on the digital age with the Cannabis Club network, Tommy Chong has decided to spoof Gryll’s series with his own, Chong Vs. Wild. Part 1 of the series has hit the net. In the feature we see Chong makes his way through what seems his backyard explaining how he and his cannabis is lost.