Comedian Tony Baker Spoofs Every Movie Villain We’ve Seen

Tony Baker is a stand-up comedian who would ultimately see the humor in almost anything, especially when it comes to movies. For a series of sketches Tony has been putting together, he takes aim at all the villains we’ve seen over the years in film. Why do movie villains talk so much? The sketches include Torrie Hart, comedian D’La, McPhonz and more.

Martin Lawrence Co-Signs The Miami Heat’s ‘Martin’ Remake

martin lawrence

Last year we saw rapper Big Sean pay homage to Martin Lawrence’s series Martin with his music video Play No Games. Just last week The Miami Heat decided to give a tribute to the 90’s sitcom with some of their starting line up. Coincidentally we’ve seen Martin in Miami for Bad Boys 2 which he could return for the heavily discussed Bad Boys 3. Following the heats tribute (below), Martin acknowledged the skit by sharing it online with his fans.

What a cool intro video the @miamiheat made! Nice surprise. I always feel the love from Miami! ? @amareisreal @chrisbosh @dwyanewade @ud40 @jrich_0 @pushat305

Larry Wilmore Spoofs Bill Cosby On The Nightly Show

Might be easy to say that Larry Wilmore isn’t the biggest fan of Bill Cosby, the other night the late night talk host gave a shot at spoofing the legendary comedian. For a skit on The Nightly Show, Larry sat down in the feature called The People Vs Cosby and showed viewers what he thinks a Cosby deposition would be. Too far?

Watch: Jay Pharoah Impersonates Eddie Murphy In Front Of Eddie Murphy

On Nov. 23rd at 9/8c on PBS, Eddie Murphy’s Mark Twain Prize ceremony will premiere on TV. As previously mentioned a few comedy stars made sure to be attendance to honor Murphy on the historic night. To further tease the upcoming show, PBS has now previewed a clip of Jay Pharoah’s performance from the night which shows the first time he may have impersonated Eddie in front of Eddie. First time for everything.

In a separate clip, Jay goes further with his Eddie impression to promote the upcoming premiere.

Watch The First Trailer Of Marlon Wayans’s ‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ With Mike Epps, King Bach, And Kali Hawk

It’s here. Marlon Wayans first trailer to upcoming comedy ‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ has been released. Back in May, Marlon told Comedy Hype about the new film that makes fun of erotic drama, ’50 Shades Of Grey’. “It’s suppose to extend to people who are fans of the movie…”, he went on to share. In the first trailer released today, we get a chance to understand the storyline and see glimpses of Mike Epps, King Bach, and Kali Hawk (of Black Jesus) roles in the movie. Welcome to Black Enterprises. 50 Shades Of Black to hit theaters January 29th.

He Still Got It: Jamie Foxx Impersonates Coach Doc Rivers During Interview

Despite Jamie Foxx taking a break from comedy over the recent years, it’s safe to say his jokes haven’t gone anywhere. During a recent interview with Campus Sports, Foxx brought out his impression of NBA Clipper’s coach Doc Rivers and showed why he;s one of the best doing it. The sit down got even more funnier when the show’s host asked Jamie to order McDonalds as Rivers. Just last month, Foxx was captured showing how anyone can impersonate LeBron James.

Jay Pharoah And Donald Trump Spoof Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ On SNL

This weekend as presidential hopeful Donald Trump returned to Saturday Night Live as host, Drake’s single Hotline Bling ended up as a parody. With Jay Pharoah featuring as the Canadian rapper and Trump making a cameo for a few dances we got a newer version to the sing everyone has been singing. Comedic actor Martin Short even made an appearance.

A Key And Peele Version Of The Nightmare Before Christmas In The Works

key and peele

It’s been over a month since Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key called it the quits on their Comedy Central show but they have yet slowed down. It is being shared that the duo will now get into animation with the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas for project entitled, Wendell And Wild.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are developing a stop-motion animated comedy with Henry Selick, the director behind movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. According to Variety, Wendell and Wild doesn’t have a buyer yet, but its premise is promising. The movie will track the spat between a pair of demon brothers and the nun (and accompanying goth teens) who set out to slay them. Selick is set to direct, produce, and co-write the movie with Peele, and it could become the former’s first full-length release since Coraline in 2009.

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