Steve Harvey Says He Has Advice For J.R. Smith: “J.R. Should Have Called Me”

Some time ago, Steve Harvey made one of the biggest mistakes in television history when he announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. Fast forward to this year’s NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith has now joined the ranks with Steve for television mishaps.

Before the Cavaliers would suffer another defeat against The Golden State Warriors, Harvey would sit down with Stephen A. Smith to discuss his hometown team. Steve would go on to offer some advice to J.R. on how he can overcome his publicized mistake and his prediction for the series, which we would find out wouldn’t be the case.

Steve Harvey Morning Show Co-Host’s Assistant Found Dead In Atlanta

Photo: BET

Some unfortunate news has surfaced out of Atlanta, the assistant to a Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host was found dead in a hotel, reports have confirmed. Bryan Cooke, who was the assistant of on-air personality Kier “Junior” Spates’, was found unresponsive after a night out on Saturday. As of now, investigators have states Cooke died of natural causes.

An employee on Steve Harvey’s radio morning show died this weekend after being found unresponsive in his hotel room by one of Steve’s famous co-hosts … TMZ has learned. According to an incident report, obtained by TMZ, cops were called to the W Hotel in Atlanta early Sunday afternoon, where the body of Kier “Junior” Spates’ assistant, Bryan Cooke, had been discovered in his room … with blood and vomit coming from his nose and mouth. Spates asked hotel staff to check on Cooke after he didn’t respond to him — the two ‘Steve Harvey’ employees were supposed to catch a flight to L.A. later that day. When no one answered, staff went in to find Cooke lying face down on his bed, and cold to the touch.


Cedric The Entertainer Reveals A Bernie Mac Hologram Almost Happened

Photo: Quotesgram

If you can recall, last month, Comedy Hype spoke with Steve Harvey in which he revealed that a Kings Of Comedy reunion that almost happened. Now in a new talk with Huffington Post, Harvey’s tour-mate Cedric The Entertainer has now added some details to the story. Cedric would confirm that there were talks of them doing a Kings Of Comedy reunion tour and they were considering to feature Bernie Mac as a hologram.

After Mac died of pneumonia in 2008, Cedric admitted that the “Original Kings of Comedy” crew from the 2000 film (D.L. Hughley and Steve Harvey) just didn’t feel right moving forward without their friend. “Nobody really wanted to do it without him. It was this weird thing: Do we replace Bernie with someone? Do we do it without him? Do we do him as a hologram like at Coachella with Tupac? How weird do we want to go with this?” “The technology was supposedly getting a lot better, and maybe we would do a short bit where we put Bernie up in this hologram situation,” Cedric explained. “It was gonna be an expensive task. MTV still had the rights to the film, and I think they were transitioning into some other things. The idea never manifested all the way.” As it turned out, it wasn’t Mac’s absence nor the expense of a hologram that kept a reunion from happening, but Harvey’s busy schedule.