The Carmichael Show To Tackle Bill Cosby Controversy In Season 2

season 2

Last season, The Carmichael Show showed that they looked to make fans laugh all while touching on some pretty serious topics. Season 2 of the series looks to be no different as reports have confirmed that the cast will take on the current spotlight on Bill Cosby. Entertainment Weekly first broke the news.

The episode – which is co-written by Carmichael co-executive producer Mike Scully (The Simpsons) and being filmed Thursday night in Los Angeles – explores the themes of fallen heroes, loss, and the difficult process of trying to separate the artist from the art. The plot begins with Maxine (Amber Stevens West) becoming upset when Jerrod (Carmichael) surprises her with tickets to a Cosby concert, igniting a firestorm of debate within the family. “The episode is [about] the dilemma of any fan,” says Carmichael, the show’s star and co-creator. “And it’s a thing that I’ve found myself going through with Bill Cosby in my personal life, being a comedian and in the same industry and admiring him. But I think a lot of people go through these things with whoever they’re a fan of, anytime this happens. It’s about that moment of decision, where you’re trying to figure out how to adjust that fan-person relationship. It’s about that moment where you’re trying to figure out: Where do we place Bill Cosby in our minds?”

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