Updated: The Carmichael Show’s Second Season Premiere Gets Pushed Forward

charlmichael show

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The second season of The Carmichael Show will be coming back to TV sooner than expected. Originally Jerrod and his TV family were expected to return to NBC on March 13th but now the network says we can expect the show on March 9th.

The Carmichael Show is returning earlier than expected. NBC has announced the sitcom’s second season will now premiere on March 9th. Previously, season two was set to debut on March 13th. Earlier, we reported that season two will deal with a number of controversial topics, including an entire episode themed around Bill Cosby. In the season premiere, adultery is addressed when “Cynthia (Loretta Devine) sees her Reverend with someone who is not his wife” Season two of The Carmichael Show premieres on March 9th, at 10 p.m., with two back-to-back episodes.


It was noted in January that the show will start things off by focusing on the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby.

Update: The Carmichael Show’s Lil Rel Howery tells us that the show is still set to premiere March 13th.

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