The Lonely Island Covers Billboard: Hope Newest Comedy ‘Popstar’ Is As Interesting As Kanye West’s Life

jermaine fowler

We all know Kanye West’s real life is pretty amazing, and the guys of comedy duo Lonely Island agree as well.  In fact they agree so much that Kanye’s life is a movie they used it apart of the inspiration for newest project, Popstar. For a new cover of Billboard; Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer take things over. In part of their feature interview, they went on to express they are pushing that the film’s narrative will be close to Kanye’s everyday life.

Whatever pressure the trio feels ­surrounding Popstar pales in ­comparison to their main concern: Kanye West. They’re all huge fans.) After all, how much room is there to parody a world where The Life of Pablo, one of the highest-profile albums of the year, was launched with a ­combined fashion show/listening party at a Kardashian-packed Madison Square Garden — and where, officially at least, the album still isn’t finished? “I know,” says Samberg, with exaggerated theatricality. “We were chasing Kanye and the truth of what was happening in his world the whole time we were writing. Because nothing we could think of is as interesting as his truth.”


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