‘The Real Comedians Of Social Media’ Represent A New Frontier For Comedy

Photo: Instagram/JoshyGonz

Comedy has drastically changed since the once Golden era in the 90’s. Back in the day, a comedian’s journey consisted of them hitting comedy clubs and looking for any way they can perform. Now with the internet, the audience is consuming comedy much more differently. The shift, which is mainly due to social media, now allows the audience to experience a teaser of their favorite comedians.

A new comedian, who would have picked up a mic 5 years ago, is picking up a cell phone to show off their skills. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; we are seeing an emergence of comedy hopefuls give it a shot.

Over the last few years, comedians Kevonstage (photoed above), Tony Baker, and Tahir Moore have been building their individual online audiences. All three men, who have a background in a stand-up, found themselves shifting a good portion of their energy into making sure followers online get a laugh. Despite the previously mentioned shift in comedy, the stage still remains relevant. Kevonstage, Baker, and Moore have teamed up to create ‘The Real Comedians Of Social Media’ tour. With the tour, they are giving their online audience a direct way of seeing them in person. And that continues to be a glimpse at the future of comedy. A comedian can now put enough work into establishing their own audience and if all works out, that comedian can capitalize on their platform without traditional parties involved.

‘The Real Comedians Of Social Media’ talk Bill Cosby verdict

In our brief time with the three comedians, you could see their instant chemistry. We would learn more about how the tour came about and even got them to weigh-in on a few trending moments. Outside of the immediate tour, Kevin (Kevonstage) has even blended his love life into the tour as he performs with his wife on the ‘Love & Laugh Hour Live’. For L&LHL, audiences are able to get a perspective from a married couple and parents who are raising two young men. In all, a comedian’s journey has changed and they should feel empowered more than ever on dictating their careers.

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