The Real Reason For Brad Garrett’s Career End

“My whole life, I’ve been telling jokes.”

Everyone who is a huge fan of Brad Garret’s will truly identify with this quote from the 6 foot 8 funny man. Ever since Everybody Loves Raymond went off air, Brad Garret’s fans really miss his deep commanding voice, and cannot help wondering where he has been! Chin up fans, as he is still doing his thing in other hilarious TV shows like ‘Single Parents’, and focusing on the other dimensions of his life.

He does voice acting now

The reason why most people barely see Brad anymore is that he turned his deep voice into a money maker by voice acting. It is perfectly reasonable that people know their favorite actors from their laptop and streaming services like Sandra Bullock better than we would now greats like Tara Strong and Mark Hamill for their roles in animation films. Some of the films he has starred in include:

Christopher Robin

Finding Dory



A Bug’s Life

He is still an actor, only that he now does his thing from a recording booth.

He is a professional poker player

If you are not a seasoned Poker fan, then you may be surprised that Brad is not only a poker player but a professional who has gone on to participate in the World Series of Poker and take home the fifth season championship of the Celebrity Poker Showdown.

He says that his dad is responsible for his affinity for the high stakes game, teaching him how to play and taking him to Vegas while he was only 13. His father was an excellent player, and it is only natural that he took after him. The best thing about him is that he also uses his skill and connections to host charity tournaments. Is it not great when you can have fun and do good for the society at one go?

He is a philanthropist

As seen above, one of Brad Garrett’s biggest life priorities is helping people who are not as lucky as he is. Many celebrities out there are choosing to make charity another of their career objectives, doing more to ensure that cash comes in to assist the less fortunate.

Brad Garrett’s foundation is named after his two kids, Maxwell and Hope, and is called the ‘Maximum Hope Foundation’. He started it is 2007 to help families struggling with huge medical bills for severe ill children by offering home basics such as gas and groceries. Other charities in which he actively participates are:

Ante Up for Africa
Kitten Rescue
Stand Up to Cancer
Vine Group
TLC for the Blind
Believe in Dreams

He is focusing on his family

While Garrett is busy making the planet a better place, he is also making room in his life for love and family. He announced his engagement to his seven-year girlfriend, actress IsaBeall Quella. He proposed in typical Hollywood style, with Mark Cohen at the piano playing their favorite song.

His kids are also a main feature in his life. During an interview with Bluff Magazine, he revealed that hanging with his two kids is his greatest pleasure. There is no better way to spend your free time than with your kids, strolling on the beach, fishing, and picking up lizards. He admits to being glad that the hectic schedule that being on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ is done, and he can now spend more time making breakfast for his kids and taking them to school.

He runs his own Vegas comedy club

If you were Brad Garrett, what would you do to self-actualize in your field? You guessed it right- start your own joint. He opened the Brad Garrett Comedy Club in the MGM Las Vegas in 2012.

In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, he revealed why he chose to start the comedy club. “I always wanted to one day have a club. To bring in not only the people I know, but also up-and-coming comedians.” This highly successful club is also famous for its aesthetic appeal, so if you are a fan of comedy give these funny no deposit slots a try. It is incredibly impressive now how he gets to be both the man on stage and the man who owns the stage.

He has had an unfortunate run-in with the law courts

No one wants to live their life with a camera stuck in their face as they do relatively day to day activities like mowing the lawn or going out to get laundry. However, this is the age of smart devices, blogs, and social media gossip channels; everyone has a camera and the juicier the dirt, the more the followers.

In 2007, Brad was charged by a TMZ photographer. Allegedly, Brad struck his camera so hard that he got hit in the face. Luckily for Brad, the DA ruled that the paparazzi provoked the tiff to trigger a violent reaction using derogatory language.
“In light of the surrounding circumstances, the interests of justice do not support the filing of criminal charges,” the Prosecutors stated.

Ending on a high

Brad Garrett’s life is a clear reminder that switching gears in one’s career to pursue other interests like family is a great decision. He is still flourishing even though his fans miss him.

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