This Is The Guy Who Will Be Playing Opposite Of Damon Wayans On Lethal Weapon Pilot, Meet Clayne Crawford

Clayne Crawford from the

For actor Clayne Crawford his career will now be apart of CBS’s attempt to revise The Lethal Weapon franchise. Now what makes this particular project one to watch is that Damon Wayans Sr. will be filling the shoes of Danny Glover. With the new project getting closer to filming, Clayne (above) will star opposite on the series with Wayans as a new and improved Mel Gibson.

That Lethal Weapon television pilot starring Damon Wayans in the role of Roger Murtaugh, the homicide detective character made famous by Danny Glover, has found the other crucial part of any buddy cop equation: another buddy cop. Deadline reports that actor Clayne Crawford is taking the role of Martin Riggs, formerly played by Mel Gibson, back when people still liked him. Crawford is best known for his role in the series Rectify. If you know the show, you understand why this is exciting news. The Sundance Channels first original scripted series that premiered back in 2013 was a slow burner about a man who returns home to his small, Georgia town after 19 years on death row for rape and murder. Crawford played the man’s stepbrother, who treats him as a curiosity, doubts his innocence and doesn’t really want the financial and social problems that come with hanging out with a suspected rapist. Crawford’s performance was also one of the show’s brightest spots.


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