Tiffany Haddish Opens Up About Her Dating Life: “They (Guys) Hit On Me But They Don’t Ask Me Out”

(Photo by Maarten de Boer/NBC/NBC via Getty Images)

Tiffany Haddish is having a great year thus far but the comedian is hoping to expand in the love department. PEOPLE Magazine recently connected with Haddish and inquired how her dating life has been as of recent. She would explain that even though she gets a lot of attention from men, very few are actually stepping up to take her out.

“I feel like guys, they hit on me but they don’t ask me out. They don’t ask for my number,” Haddish continues. “And then the ones that do? Those are trolls. I call them boogawolfs. You can see a boogawolf a mile away and you know it’s going to be a problem right there. He’s going to be sticky and all up in your grill and just howling about everything and you can’t get rid of him — like when you trying to flick a booger away but it’s just stuck to you? Boogawolf. I’m not messing with that.” She adds: “And then there are these series of ex-boyfriends that come up out the woodwork that try to get with me, that I’m just not having. I’m not feeling none of that.”

Before she would end the conversation, Tiffany would leave a few requirements she had for a potential suitor. One of the main things on her list, her guy would have to have his own career going. Check it out.

“I’m looking for confidence, a good sense of humor, and responsible,” she says. “Like, he’s got to have a good credit score. That’s super important because that’s you’re grown up report card, your credit score. It’s not just credit Haddish needs. She says she’s looking for a working man. “He’s got to have his own career going,” she stresses. “I cannot be the center of his universe. I can be a major part of the universe but I cannot be the center of the universe.”