Tiffany Haddish Reveals Being A Victim Of Rape In A Story On The Champs


To start off a new year of interviews Moshe Kasher, and Neal Brennan invite comedian Tiffany Haddish to sit down for a recent talk on their show, The Champs. Right away Brennan doesn’t hesitate to discuss his past tension with Haddish in which he went on to discuss with her. Previously in a interview on Carson Daly’s Last Call, Haddish explained growing up in foster care which she briefly mentions in this recent interview with The Champs. Around an hour in the conversation things get serious as Haddish reveals being a victim of a past rape when she was younger. The story involved an older guy taking advantage of her in which she went on to describe the experience by saying, “It felt like fire in my Vagina.” Interesting enough rape and sexual assault has been a prime conversation due to the recent Cosby allegations. Take a listen below.

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