It’s Time For The Oscars To Have A ‘Comedy Category’

Photo; Turner

We all like to laugh. In fact, there is nothing more satisfying than having a good ol’ knee-slapping moment. Since it’s awards season, it puts you in the mindset of remembering all of the movies that came out last year. But then you realize something: why didn’t Tiffany Haddish get nominated for a comedic award? Is there ever going to be a friggin’ Comedy category at the Oscars? I know there was the whole #OscarsSoWhite movement a few years ago, but what about #OscarsNotFunny? The last time there was a comedy category at the Oscars was a Best Director, Comedy Picture nomination in 1928. Like your grandma’s mom didn’t even see it.

Comedy movies make the biggest splash in theaters. They give us the best one-liners to walk away with and repeat to our friends. And they make a lot of money, something the film studios like. Why not honor the comedy genre with an award? Having a comedy category at the Oscars would lower the odds for comedy films that are predicted to win.

3 reasons comedy should be a category at the Oscars

1. Comedic Talent Is Just As Superior As Other On-Screen Talents  

Do you know how hard it is to make someone laugh? All of the greats have done it, but they sacrificed some of their own dignity in the process. Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Tiffany Haddish and more are household names—now. But at one point, they were not. They had to earn that with years of telling jokes in a dark room in front of strangers. Some thought they sucked. Now add learning a script and still making sure to have the comedic timing to make people laugh in a movie. You don’t even get to HEAR the audience as an actor. You just have to know that what you do on screen will translate to funny in the theater.

2. It Would Open Up The Doors For Diversion To Be Included In Hollywood

The Academy has played with a comedy category but hasn’t committed yet. Did you know Norbit (yes, Norbit) was nominated for the Best Achievement in Make-Up in 2008…makeup? What about Ted getting a Best Original Song nomination in 2013? Or how about that Borat movie getting a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination in 2007? Dear Academy, stop it. You know ‘Girls Trip’ was great! Also, Jordan Peele having a strong comedy background and producing ‘Get Out’ is glorious. Then there’s ‘The Big Sick’, ‘Deadpool’, ‘Bridesmaids’. If comedy were a category at the Oscars, then it would open up the door to resolve the many diversity issues that seem to plague the nominations every year.

3. A Comedy Category At The Academy Awards Would Mean More Opportunities For Comedians

When actors enter the business, they all agree that earning an Oscar nomination and actually winning it is the pinnacle of success. But for comedians? After the sold-out comedy tours, and TV shows and movies, what is left for comedic talent to achieve? Repeat TV shows, movies and book more comedy tours, of course. But winning a best comedy actor award category or a best comedy film award would be phenomenal. It would cement comedy as a feasible career because a new level of success has been established. It would give comics another stride to hope for. What if Eddie Murphy won an Oscar? Or Richard Pryor. Or (female comic)? It would make all the difference in the world.