Tisha Campbell-Martin Accuses Duane Martin Of Hiding Money During Their Marriage

Photo: UrbanBelleMag

New details are now surfacing on why Martin’s Tisha Campbell-Martin is no longer with her husband of 21 years, Duane Martin. In a new report from TMZ, it appears that Tisha believes that her now ex-husband was hiding money during parts of their marriage. It has been discovered that Tisha is seeking that the judge takes action over her husband’s decision to stash cash.

“Martin” star Tisha Campbell-Martin is accusing her estranged husband of hiding their money during their marriage … and she wants him to pay for that. Tisha filed new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — claiming Duane Martin was hiding and misappropriating money while they were married. It’s unclear how much money she thinks he was hiding from her.”