Tisha Campbell-Martin Responds To Rumored ‘Martin Reboot’

Last week, talks began to surface that a potential reboot of 90’s sitcom Martin was in the works. News of a potential Martin reboot first circulated when Martin Lawrence’s fiance, shared a post on her Instagram suggesting that the cast was getting back together. In a new interview with HipHopHollywood, actress Tisha Campbell-Martin who played Gina on the series was asked if the rumors were true. “I can’t tell you”, Tisha would go on to say but judging from her overall response we definitely know something is in the works.

There have been rumors on a Martin return for years but this is the most noise they’ve ever been. For fans of the show the only major hesitation on why a reboot of the show shoudn’t go forward is the passing of Martin lead, Thomas Mikal Ford, back in 2016. Do you think a Martin reboot should happen?