TK Kirkland Denies Stealing Eddie Murphy’s Rolex, Admits To Stealing From Charlie Murphy

For quite some time there were talks that stand-up comedian TK Kirkland stole a rolex from Eddie Murphy back in the day. Arsenio Hall who we all know as Eddie’s longtime friend even went on record to accuse Kirkland (without mentioning his name) as the person to stealing a watch from Eddie. Well this morning as a guest on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he showed up to clarify the rumor. according to TK, he never stole from Eddie Murphy but he did from Charlie Murphy.

Arsenio Hall said it but Arsenio Hall wasn’t there. Eddie Murphy’s watch never got stolen. Charlie Murphy’s watch is the one that got stolen. This is how the story went. Keenan Ivory Wayans met me, I wasn’t even doing comedy and said you look just like Eddie Murphy come hang out with us… As a man the worst thing I ever did was go to thier hi=ouse and take that man’s watch but that’s what life lessons are about… Charlie was washing his perm in the sink, I was sitting on the sink kicking my feet and something told me to tell me to take the watch.. I just took the watch. I took the watch and felt bad about but all hell broke out since then…

As he explained more about the following things that came after taking the watch, TK went on to share that he was able to apologize to Eddie Murphy but says he hasn’t seen Charlie Murphy face to face since. Their conversation further went on to discuss TK’s career, thoughts on men’s role in society, Kevin Hart and clearing his name for other high profiled thefts.

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