Tommy Davdison Says It’s Time For An In Living Color Movie, Speaks With Big Boy

It’s been 25 years since In Living Color first took to air on FOX. As it is known the series birthed the careers of some of entertainments biggest names. For his stop on REAL 92.3 with Big Boy, Tommy Davidson commented on the classic show to start his interview. In their discussion, Tommy went on to say he thinks the cast including Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, The Wayans, Jennifer Lopez, David Alan Grier, and others should reunite for a film.

We’re all doing stuff now, it’s time to go back to do thing that made us who we are. The ultimate (thing) would be let’s just do a movie real quick, so it can come out this Christmas, we could do it to with the energy we got.

We’re down for that. The interview later covered Tommy’s run-in with Bill Cosby, working history, impersonates Obama, and performing the same night as Eddie Murphy & Richard Pryor.

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