Tommy Davidson Opens Up About Brief Departure From ‘In Living Color’ Over Substance Abuse

Tommy Davidson’s new book, Living In Color: What’s Funny About Me hits shelves today. The book is a memoir that showcases the life of the legendary comedian. Davidson is most known as a cast member on the sketch comedy show, In Living Color, where he played several memorable characters and impersonations like Sammy Davis Jr. and MC Hammer.

In a new interview with Comedy Hype, Davidson was asked about his reported brief absence from In Living Color. In the interview, he would confirm that his reason for leaving the show was due to substance abuse.

“I had a problem, man, and it took me out…and if it wasn’t for me having good people around me, I’d be where Elvis is. I’d be where John Belushi is…Farley. I’m grateful, so I don’t even trip. I got to the point where I had to do something.”

Davidson also said that multiple people pulled him aside and told him to “watch out”. He would eventually take that advice and checked into rehab. His rehabilitation process lasted 1 year, which is why Davidson is absent for most of the shows 4th season. When he finally returned to the show for it’s fifth and final season, the Wayans would no longer be involved with the show at that point. Davidson said he knew the show’s quality was gone at that point and he missed those friendships, but he still had a job to do.

During the time of Tommy’s departure, FOX decided to keep things quiet by stating Davidson was on leave and his publicist at the time tell outlets, “There’s nothing to report at this time”.

In his new memoir, Living In Color, Davidson goes on to open up about his career and moments like this. Available everywhere today. Watch Tommy’s interview, below.

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