Tone Bell To Star In CBS Pilot, ‘Fam’

Photo: Variety

Tone Bell is taking another shot at network TV as CBS has announced that he will star in the upcoming comedy, ‘Fam’. On the show, Bell will play a professor whose fiance has some family secrets. Nina Dobrev will play Tone’s co-star in the upcoming pilot.

In the multi-camera comedy, a woman’s dreams of an upstanding life with her new fiancé and his upstanding family are dashed when her younger train wreck half-sister comes to live with her to escape their train wreck of a father. Bell will play Jay, a sophisticated NYU history professor who comes from old money, but is refreshingly unaffected and down-to-earth despite his refined background. Deeply in love with Clementine (Nina Dobrev), he proposes to her, much to the delight of his parents, who think Clem is a real catch. But he learns that Clem has not been completely honest about a few key elements in her life, including the fact that her father isn’t actually dead.


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