Top 3 Moments Of Dave Chappelle’s Night On SNL: Opening Monologue, Chris Rock, And Walking Dead

Last night it happened; Dave Chappelle made his first ever debut on Saturday Night Live. The moment not only was big for SNL but also a moment for Chappelle’s career as it was his biggest TV appearance in recent years. The night was filled with skits. laughs, and music from A Tribe Called Quest. We were able to come across three notable moments from the night which included Chappelle’s opening monologue (Above), a Chris Rock, and a return of some of Chappelle Show’s favorite characters.

2. Chappelle joins SNL cast members to capture the energy during this year’s election night. Chris Rock pops in to help highlight the unfortunate truth.

3. In another featured skit during the night; Dave decided to not only deliver a strong message but he gave people what they wanted. For a parody on The Walking Dead; we were able to see the return of several Chappelle Show characters. Can you name all of them?


What a night!