Tornado Survivor Comedian Trey Moe Talks Hurricane Harvey Relief, And Gives Uplifting Message To Hurricane Harvey Victims

In 2011, Comedian Trey Moe ended up in an devastating position. Trey would find himself walking over scraps of his personal things, and being in a lost for words. What once was in his living room, remained scattered across his neighborhood. Trey had survived a Tornado. After years went by, the Birmingham, AL native kept pushing forward and has been able to find success despite losing it all.

With the unfortunate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in parts of Texas, Trey has decided to help as best as he can with a campaign to raise money for victims.

We caught up with the comedian to tell us more about his efforts and his message to people who’ve lost everything.

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CH: Experiencing something like a Tornado had to have been hard, we can only imagine, what happened in those moments?

TM: They were saying the Tornado was going to come at 10:00 but it didn’t come at 10:00. Then they said the Tornado was going to come at 12:00 and it didn’t come at 12:00; So I was like it’s not coming. I was sitting on the couch, and downloading Karaoke songs. I was suppose to host this Karaoke night, and then my uncle called me. You know one of those Uncles that don’t never call but told me, “Nephew it’s getting bad, you might want to take cover.” I didn’t pay him no attention. Usually my father, would be the one to call me. I blew it off. Something made him call again, maybe 30 minutes later and he was like, “Yo nephew they’re saying the Tornado like a mile long.” So I’m thinking if it’s a mile long I should be able to see it, if it’s close to downtown. So I went outside. The wind was blowing but I didn’t see anything…. I went back in the house and went to the restroom. I didn’t have on a shirt or any shoes, I had on a white beater and pants. Then the bathroom windows started shaking real hard, and sucked everything out while I was in the bathroom. I just got in the bathtub. The top came off the apartments. I stayed on the bottom floor so if the roof came off mine, that means the whole second floor was gone. The bathtub started levitating and started going up but a wall ended up knocking it back down. It lasted for like maybe two minutes. When I came out the sky was regular but everything was destroyed. At first I didn’t see one person but maybe two minutes later, the chaos came and people were screaming.

CH: Wow, what was the process you went through to bounce back?

TM : It’s a weird process because you don’t have anything. You don’t have a toothbrush, deodorant, or underwear. The first month is very weird because you don’t have any clothes. First thing you do is shower and go look for something to put on. But for the first month you don’t really have anything, you’re limited. The first month is probably the roughest. What got me through it was laughter. I binged watched things that made me laugh, like Martin. Prayer and laughter got me through. What’s also weird, you actually look back years later and laugh about it, it’s a little comical. One of the Harvey victims told me they tried to use clothes to prevent the water from coming in, she chuckled, because that didn’t work at all. Years from now, I guarantee you she’s going to look back and say, “Y’all remember when we used the clothes to try and stop the water?” In a weird since it’s going to be comical when they look back.

CH: You recently kicked off a campaign for the victims, can you tell us more about it?

TM: Yes, it’s a solo endeavor. At first I donated to the Red Cross, then my sister came and asked, “What are you going to do about the victims? …… You have a platform.” I never really thought about it, not in a selfish way. Just sometimes you don’t realize the reach you have on people. So last night I did a video and asked my social media if they knew someone who has been effected by Harvey. A lot of times you may give to an organization but you don’t get to really see where the money goes. My goal was to pick three families that were in need. And you can see directly where the money goes. All I asked for was $5. We are aiming at $9,000 on GoFundMe and the plan is to give each family $3,000. We’re at about $1,000  now (Grew to $3,000 since the interview) and whatever we reach we will split 3 ways.

CH: Some Harvey victims could be dealing with some tough times after losing their items. What inspiring message would you tell the victims of Hurricane Harvey?

TM: Stay prayed up and it’s going to get better. Everyday it’s going to get better. I know it may feel like it won’t but it will. I promise you. Pretty soon you’re going to wake up and everything is going to be ok. You will slowly get your life back to where it was.

You can support Trey’s cause here.