Tracy Morgan And Hangover’s Ed Helms Expected For New Comedy, The Clapper

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan is not playing this year. He’s back on the road, just finished filming with Ice Cube, awaiting the new Pryor film, and now is expected to be in a new comedy with comedic actor Ed Helms (The Hangover).  Tracy is set to play the best friend of Helm’s character. Deadline has went on to reveal the news and the film’s story.

Adapted from Montiel’s own book of the same name, The Clapper is about a professional clapper for infomercials who gets plucked by a late night talk show host to be on his TV show. That notoriety then ends up costing him personally. Morgan will play Helms’ best friend Chris Plork who is a loyal and devoted confidante and provides a good deal of the humor and charm of the script. Morgan will be on his stand-up tour Picking Up the Pieces in June so the production is going to work around his schedule. The film is said to be a testament of how easily fame is achieved in today’s reality-program driven society and how it can complicate ordinary people’s lives.

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