Tracy Morgan Calls Into The Breakfast Club; Denies Damon Wayans Claims Of Him Receiving $90 Million From Walmart

tracy morgan

Early this morning, Tracy Morgan called into the people at The Breakfast Club to give several updates on his condition, career, and life. The one on one interview gave Tracy some time to speak on his current material, the accident, comedian Jimmy Mack. At one point he went on to respond to old claims suggested by Damon Wayans that Morgan received $90 Million from Walmart over his publicized accident. Morgan quickly denied those accusations.

I’m not even concerned with that because he doesn’t know whats in my pockets. You can throw numbers all in the air as much as you want to.. I don’t hang out with him. How he know what I got. If he knew what I had Walmart would have came out and that would have been a problem… Nobody know what I got. Only three people on this planet know what I got. When you do think like that you endanger me and my family…

You can hear Tracy’s full response to the claims, new material, and moving forward in life, below. 

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