Tracy Morgan Tells Howard Stern About The First Time He Had Sex After His Accident

howard stern tracy morgan
Tracy Morgan made a grand return to The Howard Stern today to keep it all the way real about his accident and life after. In his first interview with Howard Stern, Tracy detailed his hospital stay, the accident, his wife, and family. Of course with it being The Howard Stern Show they even took the interview into the bedroom.

Tracy Morgan returned to the Howard Stern show on Tuesday morning for a candid and emotional interview that tackled the actor and comedian’s struggle with depression after he was seriously injured in a tractor-trailer crash on the New Jersey Turnpike in 2014 that killed his close friend. “That crash turned me into an emotional wreck,” Morgan said. “Anybody out there listening, you try to get hit by a truck going that fast with 85,000 pounds of frozen food in the back, watch what it do to you.” Morgan said. “It’s going to turn you into a wreck.”…. “I thought about suicide man,” Morgan told Stern. “I was that damaged in the hospital man. I didn’t want to live.”


Take a listen to their full conversation, below.

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